Achieve Financial Independence
with ReAble

Peace of Mind

Give your child the confidence to manage their financial future


Wallet is friendly to users with challenges in reading comprehension, dexterity, and preferences in color scheme

Budget Control

Visualize your spending and discuss good spending habits


Wallet is supported in 26 countries, and available in 7 currencies and  7 languages

Transaction Control

Approve or deny transactions to influence healthy habits


Use the data provided by Wallet to encourage and maintain control of your independence

Easy Setup

Wallets’s QR feature allows you to add your dependent in seconds, only requiring them to scan your account’s QR code

Take The First Step


Arm your child with the power to get what they need


Worry Free

Stay Connected

Breathe easier knowing you can monitor and manage your child’s expenses


In Real Time 

Interactive Learning

Wallet uses the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to assist your students in applying classroom concepts to the real world

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